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Autoimmune Diet


Nutrition depends on the food that we take, whether in solid, liquid or gaseous form. Natural Nutrition in the form of whole grains and sprouts, seeds and nuts, vegetables and fruits, and small quantities of unrefined natural oils, nourishes the body properly. Oxygen and water are the topmost essential nutrients for the human body. We have all heard of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. All of them have different functions and all are needed in specific proportions. Why natural nutrition? It is for two reasons; one, natural products have these nutrients sufficiently; two, our system is such that natural nutrients are absorbed easily and happily by the system. When we take synthetic nutrients, our system reads them as chemicals and is therefore reluctant to accept them. Once the foods have been refined or processed, they lose most of the nutrients. Thus, we only appease our hunger without supplying what is actually needed to the body. Hence, the body remains hungry for what it needs. Deficiencies caused by improper eating habits are one of the major causes of disease as the systems are not able to function properly, thus leading to a diseased state. (पृथिवी तत्त्व)

Fasting therapy


1. Fasting is nature’s own tool; nature wants us to abstain from food during diseased conditions. It is very apparent in the case of all animals and small babies who refuse to eat when unwell. Loss of appetite is like a sign-board saying, closed for repairs. But grownups force their kids to eat and they lose the natural instinct to fast when unwell.

2. When we deprive food from outside, the workload of all organs is reduced. The internal organs are rested and work much better after the fast; excretory organs like liver, lungs, kidneys, and skin being rested, expel the overload of accumulated waste more efficiently; rest to digestive tract, assimilative and protective organs greatly improve digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients.

3. Our bodies contain enough stores in the form of protein, fat, sugar, minerals and vitamins in different places like liver, glands, bones, bone marrow, blood, lymph by which our body survives during fasting.