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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy


Massage is an important treatment. It is a sort of passive exercise. In massage, the blood circulation increases, the stagnant venous blood is pushed out of blood vessels and capillaries in tissues. They receive fresh, pure blood that is full of nutrients and oxygen, so the tissues are rejuvenated, the cells become healthier. Cells are like the bricks in a building; healthy cells mean healthy organs and a healthy body. Muscles become stronger and more active. The health of skin also improves as friction increases blood supply to it.

During massage, endorphins are released (by the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland), which are natural pain killers, stress busters and induce a soothing effect. That is why, after a massage the body and the mind become relaxed and refreshed.

It is especially good for bed ridden patients who cannot take any other form of exercise. Patients with hypertension should avoid vigorous massage; a light massage with movements away from the heart can be taken though.

Feel Relaxed & Soothing Through

  1. Full Body Massage
  2. Head massage
  3. Spinal massage
  4. Local Massage