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Understanding Autoimmune Disorders

A Sanctuary of Holistic Healing for Autoimmune Disorders and Chronic Diseases

Discover a haven of wellness that embraces the transformative power of nature. Nestled in the serene and nature-friendly town of Bibinagar, within the Yadadri Bhongir District of Telangana, India, SLNS Nature Cure Hospital is your gateway to holistic healing for Autoimmune disorders and Chronic diseases. Step into a world where the wisdom of nature converges with innovative treatments to offer solace and relief to those battling autoimmune disorders.

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Dr P Vimala Reddy ND
Administrator and Chief medical officer
Sri Vishnu Varshini. S BNYS
Junior Medical doctor
Dr Gowsika Nagaraj BNYS
Junior doctor

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Natural Therapies for Root Cause Healing

SLNS Nature Cure Center specializes in holistic healing, focusing on autoimmune and chronic lifestyle disorders. Our natural therapies, including hydrotherapy, yoga, and herbal treatments, are personalized to address root causes rather than just symptoms. Empowering clients is paramount; through education and support, we provide tools for sustainable lifestyle changes. By embracing the mind-body connection and natural healing principles, guests emerge revitalized and empowered. Experience transformative holistic care at SLNS Nature Cure Center, where tranquility and science come together to promote enduring well-being.

Rooted in Wellness: Tailored Therapies for Autoimmune Healing

Our approach to autoimmune disorders focuses on holistic healing and addressing their root causes, understanding their complex origins from genetic predispositions, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. We conduct comprehensive health assessments to identify these underlying factors.

Once triggers and contributors are identified, we utilize tailored natural therapies, including dietary adjustments, herbal treatments, hydrotherapy, yoga, and stress management techniques. By rebalancing the immune system and reducing inflammation naturally, we aim to alleviate symptoms and promote long-term wellness.

Education is integral; we empower patients with knowledge about their condition, potential triggers, and lifestyle modifications. By actively involving them in their treatment plans and fostering empowerment, we promote not only physical healing but also emotional well-being. Our goal is to provide holistic care that addresses the whole person for lasting health and vitality.

“Restore Balance, Reclaim Health: Holistic Care for Autoimmune Wellness``

Renowned for its holistic approach to health and wellness, SLNS Nature Cure Hospital offers a range of treatments for autoimmune and chronic lifestyle disorders:

  1. Customized Naturopathic Treatments: Tailored plans including dietary adjustments, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and meditation to enhance healing and restore balance.
  2. Detoxification Programs: Crucial for addressing chronic disorders, these programs eliminate toxins through fasting, colon cleansing, and specialized diets, reducing inflammation and autoimmune responses.
  3. Nutritional Counseling: Educating patients on healing foods and plant-based diets to manage conditions and support overall wellness.
  4. Stress Management Techniques: Mindfulness, breathing exercises, and relaxation therapies help alleviate stress-induced inflammation and hormonal imbalances.
  5. Physical Activity Programs: Tailored exercises such as yoga and swimming improve mobility, strength, and flexibility while reducing inflammation.
  6. Herbal Medicine and Supplements: Utilized to support natural healing processes, addressing symptoms with anti-inflammatory properties.
  7. Education and Lifestyle Modification: Empowering patients with knowledge and resources for sustainable lifestyle changes to manage conditions effectively.

SLNS Nature Cure Hospital’s approach prioritizes addressing root causes while promoting overall health and well-being through natural therapies.

``From Symptoms to Strength: SLNS Nature Cures' Path to Autoimmune Wellness``

We provide personalized, holistic care for autoimmune disorders and chronic diseases. Our approach integrates various natural therapies tailored to each patient, including detoxification programs, dietary adjustments, stress management techniques, and herbal medicine. We prioritize education and empowerment, equipping patients with the knowledge and resources to make sustainable lifestyle changes. With comprehensive assessments and ongoing support, we aim to address root causes, promote healing, and optimize overall well-being.

What People Say


Joint Collector Medak

I has opportunity to stay for about a week days at SLNS nature cure hospital Dr. Vimala Reddy and Mr Muthyam Reddy took good care of me. thought it is termed as a hospital, it is basically like an home away from home. I could learn a lot about nature and its greatness, importance of fasting and i am going highly determined to try it out in day to day life. i wish that this institution grows and provide service to more and more people.

Somesh Kumar IAS

California USA

Visited Dr.Kartik Reddy’s clinic his work on SLE and other chronic diseases not cured by allopathy doctors and lost hope by NIMS doctors were cured and patients are doing great. I wish to be involved scientific study and prove that naturopathy will work.

Dr.Prasad MD

Professor faculty of the Law University of Delhi

I returned to the hospital fourth time since 1993 like all other times, it feels more like a home than a hospital but with the added advantage that in Dr.P.Vimala Reddy one finds a combination of professional doctor with motherly lone providing personal care. Here humility and patient are remarkable whether I came just for a massage and steam bath or for body servicing or with more service health problem, I have gone back most satisfied every time. This time too, this has been no different. My heart felt thanks to her and her son for looking after me so well.

Dr.Ved Kumari

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