Junior doctor
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Dr. Gowsika, a seasoned naturopathic doctor, holds degrees in naturopathy and yogic science. Her holistic journey began with a passion for natural medicine, further enriched by advanced training in mind-body medicine. Specializing in ozone therapy, she offers comprehensive patient care. With expertise in yoga and fitness, Dr. Gowsika empowers individuals to achieve optimal wellness through personalized regimens. Drawing from her background in dietetics, she crafts tailored nutritional plans to support healing. Additionally, she utilizes acupuncture to promote holistic well-being. Dr. Gowsika's dedication to holistic health and her multifaceted approach make her a trusted ally in the pursuit of wellness.

Dr. Gowsika, an accomplished naturopathic doctor with a wealth of expertise in holistic wellness. Holding degrees in naturopathy and yogic science, Dr. Gowsika’s journey into holistic healing began with a strong foundation in natural medicine. Complementing her academic qualifications, she pursued advanced training in mind-body medicine, further enhancing her ability to address the intricate relationship between mental and physical health.
Dr. Gowsika brings expertise in ozone therapy, complementing her holistic approach to patient care.

Dr. Gowsika’s specialization in yoga and physical fitness stems from her profound understanding of the body’s innate capacity for healing and balance. With extensive experience in guiding individuals towards optimal wellness through yoga and personalized fitness regimens, she has successfully helped numerous patients achieve their health goals. Drawing from her experience in dietetics, she develops tailored nutritional plans to support her patients’ healing journeys. Furthermore, Dr. Gowsika offers acupuncture harnessing its potential to alleviate pain and promote holistic well-being.