At SLNS Hospital, an extended stay for chronic disorders such as SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and age-related degenerative disorders provides comprehensive therapy under the expert guidance of our skilled practitioners. Our approach includes personalized treatments such as acupuncture and detoxification, ensuring individualized care and safety. Supervision by experienced doctors ensures the effective administration of treatments, fostering patient confidence and trust in the healing process.

In addition to targeted therapies, we offer lifestyle instruction and counseling on diet and stress management, creating a therapeutic atmosphere that promotes relaxation and reduces tension. The extended duration of stay allows for close monitoring of progress and the ability to modify treatment strategies as needed, incorporating complementary therapies for a well-rounded recovery.

Patients benefit from immersive education on lifestyle modifications, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to maintain long-term health beyond their hospital stay. This comprehensive approach promotes holistic healing, sustainable lifestyle changes, and lasting wellness benefits for our patients. At SLNS Hospital, we are committed to supporting your journey to optimal health and well-being.