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From Fatigue to Vitality

From Crisis to Calm: Mr. Pratap’s Wellness Journey Overcoming Asthma and High Blood Pressure at 69

Mr. Pratap, a sprightly 69-year-old with a twinkle in his eye, had been grappling with a host of health issues for decades. Hypertension had been his unwelcome companion for 20 years, while Type-2 diabetes had lingered for 12. Recently, he had developed mild COPD, and his blood pressure was soaring uncontrollably, reaching alarming levels of 220/100. This turbulent mix of ailments brought on goosebumps, giddiness, sleepless nights, and unexpected bursts of anger.

In October 2023, his breathing troubles and persistent cough led him to Dr. Ravi Teja, a pulmonologist at Virinchi Hospital, Banjara Hills. A spirometry test and CT scan revealed that only 60% of his lungs were functioning, a grim consequence of years of smoking. After a week of nebulization, he felt better and was discharged with an influenza vaccine to bolster his recovery.

However, by January 2024, his blood pressure fluctuations returned with a vengeance. He sought the expertise of Dr. Narsa Raju, a cardiologist at Apollo Hospital, Hyderguda. A sleeping pattern test unveiled severe sleep disturbances and snoring, leading to a diagnosis of oxygen saturation deterioration during sleep. A CPAP device was recommended to stabilize his breathing at night.

Despite taking numerous medications, his blood pressure remained resistant. A PET scan and a suggestion for surgery on the blood vessels leading to his kidneys seemed like the only options left. Yet, the outcome was uncertain.

Fate took a fortunate turn when a friend, T. Narasimma Das, advised him to visit the Holistic Wellness Clinic in Jubilee Hills. On March 2nd, Mr. Pratap met Dr. Karthik Reddy, who recommended a 20-day stay at SLNS Nature Cure Hospital. Here, under the nurturing guidance of Dr. Reddy and S.P. Tucker IAS, Mr. Pratap’s life transformed.

S.No Present medication Medication
(After treatment)
Mechanism of the drug
1Rosuvastatin 10mg
0-0-1Inhibits HMG CoA reductase, reducing cholesterol production.
2Hydralazine and isosorbide dinitrate 1mg
1-1-1Vasodilators, reduce blood pressure and improve heart function.
3Spironolactone and torsemide
TaperedBlocks Na+/K+/2Cl cotransport, increasing urine output and reducing fluid accumulation.
4Prazosin hydrochloride 2.5mg
TaperedAlpha blocker relaxes blood vessels to lower blood pressure.
5Levodopa 100mg
1-0-1Increase dopamine levels.
6Voglibose 2mg
TaperedAlpha-glucosidase inhibitor delays glucose absorption to manage diabetes
7Silodosin 8mg
0-0-1Selective alpha 1 antagonist, improves urine flow in benign prostatic hyperplasia.
8Pantaprazole 40mg
TaperedBinds to H+/K+ ATP pump to inhibit gastric acid and basal acid secretion.
9Clonidine 100mcg
½-0-½Stimulates presynaptic alpha 2 adrenoceptors, lowering blood pressure.
10Metoprolol 10mg
1-0-1Beta-blocker, reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

Pratap experienced notable improvements in his health through naturopathy and yoga. After treatment, the dosage of several medications was reduced: Spironolactone and torsemide, Prazosin hydrochloride, Voglibose, and Pantoprazole were tapered. Medications such as Rosuvastatin 10mg, Hydralazine and isosorbide dinitrate 1mg, Levodopa 100mg, Silodosin 8mg, Clonidine 100mcg, and Metoprolol 10mg were continued at the same dosages, showing effective management with a reduced pharmaceutical load. This highlights the positive impact of holistic practices on his overall health and medication regimen.

S.NoParameterInitial Value (Day 1)Final Value (Day 20)
1Blood Pressure150/90128/74
2Weight (kg)66.7061.30
4Creatinine (mg/dL)1.291.11
5eGFR (mL/min/1.73m²)5667
6Cystatin-C (mg/L)2.381.95
7Urinary Microalbumin (mg/L)>400321.9
8Iron (µg/dL)20.266.5
9Transferrin (mg/dL)7.9124.54

Through naturopathy and yoga, Pratap saw remarkable health improvements. His blood pressure dropped from 150/90 to 128/74, and his weight decreased from 66.70 kg to 61.30 kg. His HS-CRP levels fell significantly from 9.2 to 0.6. Creatinine levels reduced from 1.29 mg/dL to 1.11 mg/dL, while his eGFR increased from 56 to 67 mL/min/1.73m², and cystatin-C decreased from 2.38 mg/L to 1.95 mg/L. Urinary microalbumin levels improved from over 400 mg/L to 321.9 mg/L, iron levels rose from 20.2 µg/dL to 66.5 µg/dL, and transferrin levels increased from 7.91 mg/dL to 24.54 mg/dL, highlighting the benefits of holistic practices.