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Strength in Inspiring SLE Triumph

Unleashing Strength: A Woman’s Inspiring SLE Journey at SLNS Nature Cure Hospital

In 2019, during the 7th month of her pregnancy, Ms. Rajitha experienced blood in her stool and bleeding gums. These symptoms worsened in her 8th month, along with swelling in her hands, legs, and body. Admitted to Mission Hospital, a blood analysis revealed her platelet count was critically low at 14,000.

Transferred to Medicare Hospital in Karimnagar, she received a platelet transfusion, stabilizing her count at 76,000. She delivered a healthy baby girl at Karimnagar Government Hospital but subsequently suffered from severe joint and body pain. Diagnosed with SLE at NIM’S Hospital, Hyderabad, she was prescribed Wysolin, HCQ, calcium, and iron tablets for three months.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rajitha discontinued her treatment. In 2021, she developed allergies and was treated by Dr. Srinivas at Srinivas Hospital, receiving HCQ for a year. Later, a persistent six-month fever was managed by Dr.Amareshwar at Meenakshi Hospital. During her second pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy led to the removal of her right fallopian tube at Prathima Medical College Hospital.

(Before treatment)
(After treatment)
1Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride 10mg

Prevents antigen binding (inhibit alfa and beta chains to MHC) reduces inflammation.
2Methotrexate 15MCGmg
(Weekly once)
7.5 WEEKLY ONCEDiminishing the immune response.Inhibits dihydrofolate reductase, causing nitric oxide synthase uncoupling and increased T cell sensitivity to apoptosis.
3Calcium 500mg + D3
Alternate DaySupplement
4Folic Acid
1-0-1Supplement used to prevent side effects of immunosuppressive drugs

In an inspiring journey of recovery through integrative medicine , the patient began by taking Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride 200 mg daily, which was tapered by naturopathy treatment. Methotrexate, initially 15mg weekly, was reduced to 7.5mg weekly, effectively diminishing the immune response. Calcium 500mg with D3 was adjusted to alternate days as a supportive supplement. Folic Acid intake was increased to twice daily to counteract the side effects of immunosuppressive drugs. This careful medication tapering marked significant progress, showcasing the patient’s resilience and the effectiveness of the treatment strategy of integrative medicine.

1ANA (ELISA Method)122.5292.31
2Vitamin D11.3270.29
3Vitamin B12165351
4Urinary Microalbumin27.95.5

In just 20 days, a transformative journey with naturopathy treatment and dietary adjustments, showcasing remarkable improvements in biomarkers. Initially, ANA levels (measured via ELISA) decreased significantly from 122.52 to 92.31, indicating reduced autoimmune activity. Vitamin D levels surged from 11.32 to 70.29, promoting enhanced immune function and bone health. Vitamin B12 skyrocketed from 165 to 351, supporting nerve and blood cell health. Urinary microalbumin dropped dramatically from 27.9 to 5.5, suggesting improved kidney function. Amylase levels showed a stable pattern, measuring 103 on Day 1 and 106 on Day 20. These results underscore the transformative impact of holistic naturopathic care and dietary interventions on the patient’s health prognosis.