SLNS - We can't buy health in medical hall

Mn-Sn: 7am to 11am

B. Sandhyasri

Director(Planning) Planning Department, A.P. Secretariat

I have been suffering for the last of couple of years from back ache and joint pains. The problems persisted in spite of medication. After reasonable enquiry I had decided to undergo treatment at the SLNS Natural Care Hospitals , I had come to notice that its not a routine care taking hospital but a lot more than that. Dr.P.Karthik medical officer SLNS Nature Cure has a systematic plan and implements the same varying from patient to patient. They have offered us natural foods and introduced us to a more systematic way of life. Having come out of the SLNS Nature Cure after treatment, I am very well convinced that the Yoga, the exercises, the food habits which they have imparted to us will go a long way in not only getting relief from the muscular and joint pains but also in helping reduce my weight quite significantly (about 5-6 Kgs). I have made up my mind not only to continue the good habits I have learnt, but to register myself once in a year.